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Bonnie Doon Golf Club Foundation

What does The Bonnie Doon Golf Club mean to you?

For many it is more than just a place to play golf. It’s where friendships are forged and strengthened. A haven to escape the other pressures of life. A place to grow ones’s mental fortitude.

The Foundation

The Bonnie Doon Golf Club Foundation has been formed to voluntarily allow members to support funding of club infrastructure projects, junior golf and other club projects that a member is personally passionate about. The motto of the Foundation is:

“Have fun, play golf, give back”

Tax Deductible Donations

All donations are 100% voluntary and 100% tax deductible. For those members who wish to donate throughout the year, you can voluntarily donate via the Australia Sports Foundation to provide tax deductibility to donations.

Click on a project below to donate directly: