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Dennise has a passion to empower each golfer to reach their golfing goals in the quickest, most efficient way. She believes that when one understands and harnesses the power of the mind, with the physical movements involved with golf, dramatic and effortless results are achieved.

Christian is a 20+ year PGA of Australia advanced accredited coach, who has coached professional tournament winners on 4 differing worldwide PGA tours. Christian has a warm and welcoming approach to the lesson experience and has a defined teaching style that he delivers with simple words that have effective results.

Greg has been a golf instructor for 25 years, and passionately shares his extensive career knowledge with his students. By keeping things simple and he will ensure that you are clear on what you need to address to become a better player. Greg played Division 1 college golf in the USA, as well as several professional tours around the world. He studied Psychology at Georgia Southern University. Both his playing career and education contribute to his coaching method, with a focus on fundamentals, course management, short game, and a positive attitude.